Plant a Church

It is the endeavor of the Arizona Network Presbytery Board to work with church planters in developing a firm foundation for their new work.  Listed below are a series of steps that have proven in past experiences to be beneficial in establishing strong, healthy churches.  Please note these requirements and, when possible, follow them in the prescribed order.

1. Meet with Network Officials

Please schedule an appointment with the Network Superintendent and Network Secretary-Treasurer to discuss your desire to plant a new church.  The Superintendent’s administrative assistant will work with you in scheduling this appointment.

2. Submit an Application

During the interview with the Superintendent and Secretary-Treasurer, an application to plant a new church will be given to you.  This should be completed and mailed to the attention of the Network Secretary-Treasurer as soon as possible.

3. Strategy for Planting the Church

Develop a strategy for planting the church and be prepared to share this strategy during all interviews.

4. Ministry Plan

Your ministry plan should include your financial structure, church name,  ministry location or site, and vision for accomplishing your projected goal.

5. Sponsoring Church

It is recommended that each new church plant has a sponsoring church.

6. Assemblies of God Credentials

It is required that all new church applicants are credentialed ministers in good standing with the Arizona Ministry Network of the Assemblies of God.

7. Meet with the Sectional Committee

It is important that you get acquainted with the sectional presbyter of the section in which you have selected to plant a church. It is required that you meet with the sectional committee, and that the sectional presbyter’s signature shows on your application as prescribed.

8. Attend Essentials Launch

It is required that you and your spouse, if applicable, attend Essentials Launch.  (The Arizona Network endeavors to host one EL each year.  However, attending Essentials Launch hosted by another district is permissible when recommended by the Arizona Network officials.)

9. Schedule to Meet with Network Presbytery

It is required that you schedule an appointment and meet with the Arizona Network presbytery.  Contact the Network Secretary-Treasurer’s office to schedule this appointment.  It is required that your spouse, if applicable, accompany you for this interview when possible. (Except for April and August, they meet monthly.)

10. Meet with Network Bookkeeper

After you receive word that you have been granted approval to plant a church by the Arizona Network presbytery, schedule an appointment with the Arizona Network bookkeeping department.  In an effort to ensure that your financial records meet Network and state requirements initially and on a continual basis, the Network bookkeeping department will work with you for a period of six months at no charge to you or your new church.