Step 1: Application

Having met all requirements previously listed, if you are a first-time applicant, request an official application. If applying for the next level of credentials, request a credential upgrade application. All educational requirements must be completed. A transcript must accompany the application when it is sent to our office. Applications without transcripts will not be processed. After sending in your application, your sectional presbyter will contact you to schedule a brief meeting, where he can get to know you and learn a little about your desire for ministry.

An application can be requested by calling (602) 343-4012.

Application Deadlines

Application deadline for Official Applications or upgrade applications for Certified/Licensed is July 15th and for Ordained November 1st. Exceptions to this date are only given if you are currently in a ministry requiring you to hold a ministerial credential. Application deadline for Credential Upgrade to Ordination is November 1 each year.

Step 2: Exam

When the general application or upgrade application and the credential and background check fee has been received by the network office, and approved, a synopsis of the test will be mailed to you, along with a letter providing information regarding the location and time of the written examination.

All ministerial candidates must take an exam in accordance to their credential level request. Study materials will be provided upon receipt of the application and fees.

Step 3: Interview

After the exam, you will be notified by the network office of the time and place to appear before the Network Credentials Committee for a personal interview.

Step 4: Notification

The decision, whether or not to recommend an applicant to the General Council for a credential, is at the discretion of the Network Credentials Committee following their interview with the applicant. You will be notified of the committee’s decision.

Step 5: Certificate and Card

The General Council is the credentialing body. Approved applications will be forwarded, along with the appropriate fee and paperwork, to their credentials committee for the final disposition. They will issue the credential and forward certificates and fellowship cards to the network for distribution.

Credential Application Fees

Certified Minister – $40
Licensed Minister – $45
Ordained Minister – $50
Background check – $40