A minister who applies for reinstatement within the first 10 months after lapsing is obligated to pay any General Council dues still owed from the previous year.

A minister who was been removed from the rolls for any cause, except failure to renew, must remain off the list at least six (6) months before allowed to reinstate.

A Reinstatement Application is to be completed by anyone seeking to reinstate credentials previously held with the Assemblies of God (forms available through the District office).

Reinstatement must be made through the district in which he/she currently lives. If the applicant’s credentials were terminated in a different district, a letter of clearance is required from the former district. If the minister has been off the ministerial list for 7 years or more, the credential exam must be taken.

When reinstating, a background check that is less than 2 years old must be on file for the applicant. If the one on file is more than 2 years old, a new report must be ordered.

Reinstatement applications are presented to the General Council Executive Presbytery for approval.