All fellowship certificates are only valid until December 31 of each year and must be renewed annually. You will receive a printed renewal form through the general postal services and through a valid e-mail directly from the General Council. Please respond immediately to avoid any late fees. You may choose to  renew on-line at the General Council website: or a renewal form can be printed from this website then mailed following renewal guidelines. Any and all dues must be submitted with the renewal. All renewal forms must be in the Network Office, or postmarked, no later than December 31.

 Grace period – If renewals are received after January 1 and until January 15, there will be an assessed late fee of fifty ($50). All who have failed to renew their fellowship certificates after this grace period shall be considered delinquent and will be recorded as lapsed with the expiration date of December 31.

Reinstatement is required after January 15 – Ministers who have not renewed by January 15, shall apply for reinstatement. A reinstatement application and a $100 fee ($50 to General Council; $50 to your Network) will need to be submitted in place of the renewal form. All tithes and or dues requirements will need to be provided. If reinstatement is requested within three months of the lapse date, a background check and interview with the network credentials committee may be waived.

Late Fees
There has been an increase in credential renewal fees arriving after the deadline and all reinstatement fees postmarked after December 31, 2010. A $50 late charge will be attached to any credential renewal postmarked after December 31, 2010 ($25 to AZ Ministry Network and $25 to General Council).  Applications postmarked after January 15, 2011, will require that your credentials be reinstated.  After January 1, 2011, all reinstatement fees will be $100 ($50 to AZ Ministry Network and $50 to General Council.)  No application can be processed without the required fees.