When a minister moves into our network to live, their credentials must be transferred to us within 60 days unless there are charges pending against the minister. The minister should request a transfer from their original district/network to be sent to the new network.

Should a minister move out of our network, the Network Secretary will request a ‘needed for transfer’ form be completed. Then all ministers who are in good standing will be transferred to the new district/network where they have moved to take up the duties of ministry.

Exceptions may be made for the following:

  • Ministers serving at the general headquarters
  • Those who are retired from active ministry
  • Those who are in the armed forces currently on active duty
  • Those who are serving on the faculties of an Assemblies of God school
  • Students, attending one of our schools, who live outside of their home district/network

From Another Organization

Ministers from other organizations applying for recognition should follow the same procedure as a new applicant, beginning with the official application in Step 1.

Completed studies from other organizations and adherence to Pentecostal distinctives will be evaluated in the light of Assemblies of God requirements. Following is a list of requirements for individuals coming from another organization:

  • A letter from the organization you are coming from showing your latest credential status and granting a release to the Assemblies of God.
  • A copy of your ministerial certificate. Transcripts from colleges attended.
  • Completion of any courses as may be required by the Assemblies of God after your transcripts have been evaluated. One course that all applicants coming from other organizations must take is A/G History, Missions, and Governance.