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We believe God created every person with a divine purpose, and Arizona Youth Ministries is all about helping students find their true identity in Christ. We are a ministry of the Assemblies of God, committed to seeing God’s truth revealed in this generation.


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Watch Previously Recorded AZYM Hangouts

November w/ Elise Wood Until All Know Ch. 4 The Seed of the Mission

October w/ JJ Vasquez Until All Know Ch. 4 The Seed of the Spirit

September w/ Jeff Grenell Until All Know Ch. 3 The Seed of the Gospel

August w/ Heath Adamson Until All Know Ch. 2 We Will Never Forget

July w/ Griffin & Theo Until All Know Ch. 1 We Believe in the Harvest

May w/ Rod Whitlock

April w/ Steve Svoboda

March w/ Travis Clark

February w/ Kegan Wesley

November w/ Jeff Grenell

October w/ Josh Carter

September: w/ Danny Flores

August: w/ Elyse Murphy

Creating a Discipleship Culture: w/ Rod Whitlock

Youth Leader Volunteers: Scotty Gibbons

Budget: w/ Scotty Gibbons

Planning Events: w/ Scotty Gibbons

Small Groups: w/ Scotty Gibbons

Follow Up: w/ Scotty Gibbons

Campus Ministry: w/ Scotty Gibbons

Pastoral Care: w/ Scotty Gibbons

Speaking: w/ Scotty Gibbons

Leadership: w/ Scotty Gibbons


Youth Camp Leadership Talks from Brian Porzio (Camp Speaker)

El Shaddai – Brian talks about God’s call for us to be fruitful and wise stewards.

Influence – Brian talks about God’s call for us to be people of influence.


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Youth & Young Adults Director

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