Arizona is the 4th fastest-growing state in the United States with some of the fastest growing churches. The 220 churches that comprise our Network cross multi-ethnic lines.  Arizona has 39 Native American churches, eight Hispanic churches, two Messianic congregations, African, Burmese, East Indian, Filipino, Haitian, Indonesian, Marshallese, Vietnamese, Romanian and Syrian. We also have four cooperative fellowships, three of which are Jordanian.

There are over 69,591 members and adherents of Assembly of God churches in Arizona and and 800 credentialed ministers.  Arizona is home to SAGU Western, where you can earn accredited degrees here in the Phoenix area, partnering with Southwestern Assemblies of God University.  In addition, the Arizona Ministry Network launched the Arizona School of Ministry in 2011 to provide opportunity for Biblical training for many who may not have the privilege of donating years of time in Bible school classrooms. And finally, SAGU AIC, American Indian College,  was created where Native students could be trained in God’s Word in an environment where their heritage would be nurtured and celebrated.

The Arizona Ministry Network of the Assemblies of God was organized in 1940, and is one of 67 districts that comprise the General Council of the Assemblies of God (USA), the world’s largest Pentecostal denomination with over 3 million members and adherents in the United States and more than 67 million world-wide.

The mission of the Arizona Ministry Network is to advance the Kingdom of God by providing structure and resources to the network’s ministries.

Rev. Stephen L. Harris

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